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I’ve been looking forward to this blog post for months. Nine months, to be just about exact … our first baby, Eloise (affectionately referred to around here as “Elli-bean”), will arrive in a matter of days!

I’ve had so much fun creating the nursery over these past few months. We repurposed, reused, DIYed, sanded and sewed our hearts out, creating our dream nursery on a budget. The only new piece of furniture in the room is the crib, which took up the bulk of our budget. Total costs came in at just under $700. Good thing, because everything else – diapers, clothes, swing/bouncy chair, stroller, car seat, etc. etc. etc.) cost a small fortune. Which will be completely, totally, 100% worth it for our small bundle.

This is what I see when I pass by the nursery several times a day. The view makes me smile.

The wall color is Behr Contemplation, a pretty light-bluish-gray with a hint of green. The wet/dry bag hanging on the right (we’re cloth diapering) is from Planet Wise  in their super-cute Meadow Tweets fabric which I adore.

The color scheme is light blue, turquoise, shades of lime green, bright yellow and the occasional girly touch of bright lilac-y pink. I love that it’s girly without being overly so. My guy appreciates that too, though I think he’s secretly coming around to the idea of the inevitable princesses, fairies and pink tutus that are in our future.

The convertible crib (it will convert to a toddler bed and then a full-size bed) is the Delta Venetian. We love that it will last her for years, and it feels super-duper solid for the price.

The vintage-inspired Italian-tole-style chandelier was a bit of a splurge, but we love it so much – and the actual vintage chandeliers I was finding were way more expensive than this one.

It’s the Whoopsie Daisy Chandelier from The Land of Nod. So perfect.

The letters above her crib are simply wooden letters set on 12×12 laser-cut scrapbook paper, both from Michael’s. I got the idea from this adorable nursery for a lucky little girl named Sofia.

This print at the head of the crib is from Graphic Anthology via Etsy.

I love the message.

The bookshelf is a $5 garage sale find. It was yucky brown and a little worse for the wear but a little paint and TLC fixed it right up.

The vintage-style fan (increased air circulation is said to help decrease SIDS) is from TJ Maxx. On the left is our super-deluxe Angelcare monitor with color video and the whole shebang – a generous gift from my terrific (and very excited!) parents-in-law. We really couldn’t figure out a better way to get a view of the crib so the angel/camera sits in a lime green Adirondack chair atop a pile of books. Whatever works, I guess!

This is my favorite stuffed owl that, admittedly, I bought for myself a couple of years ago.

But he clearly belongs here, along with this adorable knit earflap hat from Tiny Toppers on Etsy. I picked up the picture frame from Marshall’s for $5 on clearance. It used to be scratched-up silver, but I painted it in nursery colors and filled it with photos of the family (including mommy and daddy as babies themselves).

The glider is a hand-me-down from a dear friend. We painted it and with the help of my awesome mom, recovered the cushions (I’m the first to say recovering the glider was a huge challenge and I’m not sure I’d recommend it, but I do love how it finally turned out).

The owl pillow is a several-years-old find from Urban Outfitters. The dresser on the left is also something we’ve had around the house for awhile, originally purchased from a thrift store. We spiffed it up with a few coats of white paint and some new depression-glass-style drawer pulls. The drawers really didn’t fit very well after that, and we haven’t figured out what exactly happened, but I love it anyway.

The book shelf?

It’s a thrift store plate rack with a fresh coat of paint. It turned out to be a perfect, compact display for favorite books.

Oh, and the fabrics!

I’m really in love with Heather Bailey fabrics. I used a bunch of fabrics from her Pop Garden and Nicey Jane lines for the quilt pictured above, the window treatments, the crib dust ruffle and to cover the glider.

The quilt was very straightforward to sew, thanks to this terrific rag quilt tutorial from the Green Apple Orchard blog. The dust ruffle is made with velcro and iron-on hem tape, following the directions from the wonderful Young House Love blog.

I was super happy with how these adorable Nature Alphabet Wall Cards from Children Inspire Design turned out. Talk about high-impact, low-cost wall art (I got them for a discount through zulily). They went up very easily with a laser level and Command wall strips.

The paper circle mobile above the diaper changing table is DIY all the way.

It was also the perfect project for those super-sick days on the sofa. I started with some pieces of scrapbook paper in coordinating colors and cute patterns, then I cut circles using a large hole punch. I attached two circles back-to-back onto long strings of fishing line with strong double-stick tape. I then spray-painted a little grapevine wreath and attached the fishing lines to the wreath, topping them off with a little blue ribbon. Hopefully this will keep our gal distracted and fascinated when we’re changing one of those many diapers.

Speaking of diapers, we’re way too excited to cloth diaper our little one.

I thought it would be nice to keep a few diapers front-and-center for all those changes we’re facing. This wire bin that we had laying around the house is perfect for stowing a few (the rest are in the dresser/diaper changing table). Below that are some hand-sewn cloth wipes (two-sided cotton flannel and two-sided flannel and cotton velour). I figure if we’re going to go cloth, we may as well go all the way. Well … except I must admit I’ve got a handful of Seventh Generation disposable diapers and wipes stowed away. Just in case.

The diaper supplies sit atop another old bookshelf spiffed up with a nice coat of white paint.

For my shower present, my talented niece Stefani of Fani B. Designs created these super-cool acrylic and mixed media (see the noodles?!) paintings for the room.

Super-sassy baby is covering Mom in mac-and-cheese. A glimpse into my future?!

I love this little touch above the closet – a thrift store mirror painted aqua. Why not?

That’s about it! It’s been so fun to finally be able to share what might be my biggest DIY decorating adventure – not to mention my biggest life adventure – yet. Now to await the arrival of our little baby bundle! We’re so excited – and nervous – for this monumental life change. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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