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I just tallied how many more recipes I have to move over to Kitchen Treaty from my previous blog. 127 to go! Aggghhh … never have I wanted to kick myself more for being so prolific. And for taking so many horrible photos, because even when I relax my standards by a mile, at least half of them should be rephotographed before I posted them here.

End venting. Apologies, apologies.

So! Green! My favorite color (exhibit A: my I Love Green board on Pinterest) and the theme of this batch of archived posts. Here we have an amazing recipe (adapted from Ina Garten) for Irish soda bread, a St. Patty’s Day staple ’round here. So easy to make and so irresistible. And my first green smoothie recipe, the one that started the obsession (I’ve made about a gazillion various green smoothies since and no sign of stopping).

Then we have a couple of sinful desserts, just to undo all that green smoothie good. Shamrock shake shortbread cookies – peppermint vanilla shortbread and buttercream with a little maraschino cherry on top, just like the McD’s oh-so-wrong-oh-so-right original. And chocolate mint brownies. More minty buttercream, this time tinted green and slathered on top of rich fudgy brownies.

500 million blog posts (okay, 123) left to archive: bad. Green: goooood.

Going green for Saint Patrick's Day | Kitchen Treaty