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Balsamic Marinated Asparagus

This easy marinated asparagus recipe comes together in just a few minutes. Balsamic vinegar and garlic add a hefty dose of flavor, sugar mellows it out a bit and red pepper flakes add a nice little kick.

Glazed Vanilla Bean Cookies

Sweet vanilla-bean-specked glaze coats a buttery soft cookie made super-special with the addition of vanilla sugar. Melt-in-your-mouth goodness

Creamy Tomato Soup

An incredibly simple tomato soup that calls for only six ingredients, but tastes so delicious that you'll never go back to canned tomato soup.

How To Make Vanilla Sugar

It's so easy to make vanilla sugar, you'll never go without it again. Sprinkle it over oatmeal, flavor hot drinks like coffee, tea, or hot cocoa, or add a little extra delicious depth to just about any baked good you make. Here's how.

Holiday Breakfast Strata with Sausage (or Not)

Holiday Breakfast Strata with Optional Sausage

This easy overnight breakfast strata is perfect for holiday mornings. When time is tight and a special breakfast is in order, this fits the bill on both counts. Add sausage for the meat-eaters and for the vegetarians, you can leave it out or substitute veggie sausage. It's delicious either way.

Baked Potato Soup with Optional Bacon

Potatoes, onions and celery bubble to perfection and then a splash of milk and a dollop of sour cream bring it to perfect baked potato goodness. Serve with assorted toppings like chives, cheddar cheese, and bacon so everyone can happily load their own.

Coconut Banana Bread

A tropical twist on banana bread, this banana bread recipe is perfectly moist and sweet with its added bonus of coconut both in the batter and on top.

Cheesy Shepherd’s Pie with Ground Beef or Lentils and Crimini Mushrooms

One dish, two ways. Shepherd's Pie for the vegetarians and the carnivores. Ground beef with a little gravy, some onions, carrots, peas, and corn for the carnivores. Vegetarians get their own delectable version with diced crimini mushrooms and lentils in place of the ground beef. Both are topped with cheesy mashed potatoes then sprinkled with more cheese and breadcrumbs, then baked so the potatoes form a nice golden crust.

Green smoothies with spinach and blueberries | Kitchen Treaty

Green Smoothies with Spinach and Blueberries

Drink your vitamins! This simple recipe for a green smoothie brings spinach and blueberries together with nonfat Greek yogurt, banana, orange juice and honey for a delicious and healthy drink.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Banana Cake with Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Frosting

Peanut butter, banana, and chocolate are one fine trio, especially in cake-and-icing form. The banana-y cake is deliciously moist, and when you hit a bite with peanut butter cup, it's heaven. And the frosting? Out of this world.

Dark chocolate Raisinet oatmeal cookies | Kitchen Treaty

Dark Chocolate Raisinet Oatmeal Cookies

Chocolate chips + oatmeal cookies are good. Raisins + oatmeal cookies are good. So I thought, how about chocolate-covered raisins in oatmeal cookies? Also good, as it turns out. Really good. Especially when you use the dark chocolate Raisinets, but regular Raisinets do just fine.

Black Bean Tostadas with Slow-Cooker Cheddar-Beer Chicken (or Not)

Tostadas are perfect for the mixed veggie/carnie house. In this version, the meat-eater gets a healthy dose of spicy, tender shredded chicken slow-cooked in beer; the vegetarian still gets plenty to eat, including delicious, smoky homemade refried black beans.