Posted on Friday, August 24, 2012 in Happy Endings

One of my fondest memories is of when I took my niece, 13 at the time, to Florida. (This was nearly nine years ago. Where does the time go?)

We went to Disneyworld. We saw the sweet manatees at Homosassa Springs.

And we picnicked at one of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve ever visited, just north of Clearwater. We took a picnic – a “meal” of exactly one whole key lime pie that we picked up along the way. We dug our toes into the soft sugary sand and scooped bites of pie directly out of the tin with plastic spoons, us rebels us. Quite possibly one of the best dinners ever, if not exactly the healthiest.

I still view key lime pie as perfect picnic fare, but I’ve decided that individual servings in individual-sized jars is totally where it’s at.

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