Posted on Thursday, May 24, 2012 in Happy Endings

When my guy really, really likes a recipe, he gives it grunts. Sometimes one, sometimes two, and on the very rare occasion, three.

I like when my guy gives my recipes grunts. What can I say – I get a certain sort of satisfaction out of it. One grunt makes me smile. Three and I practically jump into the air. Just call me a 50s housewife, I don’t care.

Wait. I just realized you guys might be imagining actual grunts. And now I’m imagining him making actual grunts over food too. And giggling.

No no. Metaphorical grunts. They’re sort of like giving a recipe stars, but in a manly way.

This recipe didn’t quite make it to the coveted three-grunt club, but! It was super, super close.

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