Posted on Monday, March 5, 2012 in One Dish Two Ways


Welcome to the inaugural post on Kitchen Treaty! My aim is to show that vegetarians and meat-eaters can live together – and happily, too. Over the years, I’ve developed an arsenal of easy recipes that please meat-eaters and veggies alike. I’m looking forward to sharing them here!

French Onion Soup. My first “gotcha” dish when I became a vegetarian some 12 years ago. It’s onion soup! A veggie! No meat! Silly me. Traditional french onion soup is made with beef broth. This one isn’t (unless you add some to the meat side), but you don’t miss it.

Instead, after cooking a huge amount of onions down into wonderful brown caramelized goodness, you add rich vegetable stock and, of course, a few other ingredients. Simmer for a good long while, then take some of the good stuff and add it to a new pot. This is where you’ll add the meatballs for yourself or your loving (and appreciative) carnivore.

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