Posted on Monday, October 8, 2012 in Veggie Dishes Everyone Loves

Sometimes it strikes me how odd it is that going to a pumpkin patch is a “thing” these days. A big thing. A “must go EVERY SINGLE OCTOBER and pose the kids in front of some pumpkins and take a photo and post it on Facebook immediately” big thing.

Where were pumpkin patches when I was a kid? And corn mazes? And haunted corn mazes?! Not that I would have wanted any more photo evidence of the legendary buck teeth I sported back in the day, but dang, these farms are wicked fun. Pun intended.

Ever since we had Miss Thing this past winter, I must admit I’ve been dreaming of her first trip to the pumpkin patch. We would dress her in orange, probably, and wander through a corn maze, and and we’d warm up with hot spiced cider in front of her (poor kid isn’t on juice yet), and, of course, snap photo after baby-sitting-on-pumpkin photo. So when we decided on a whim check out a local pumpkin patch one sunny afternoon this past weekend, I realized on the way there that, hey wait! This was not supposed to be an impromptu thing! It was supposed to be an event!

She loved it, and so did we. I did snap the obligatory photos, but I resolved that this was simply a trial run. Our official pumpkin patch visit will be later this month.

I’m one of them, one of them.

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