Posted on Friday, September 14, 2012 in Veggie Dishes Everyone Loves

I’ve decided zucchini bread might have been the original Deceptively Delicious type of recipe. You know, those Trojan Horse dishes that are meant to sneak more vegetables into unsuspecting kids’ (or veggie-averse adults’) diets? Pureed sweet potatoes in the form of “hot chocolate” (I’m looking at a good friend here who tried to get that one past me – ew); butternut squash surreptitiously stirred into macaroni and cheese?

I mean, let’s face it – zucchini bread isn’t really about the zucchini, is it? Sure, it adds cute little green specks, a good amount of moisture, and a nice feeling that you’re eating something made with a vegetable, so it can’t be too fattening. But really, it’s not like you tuck into a slice and rave about that powerful punch of pure zucchini flavor. At least, I don’t … but I’m definitely open to the idea that that might just be me.

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