Kitchen Treaty


Karen Troughton – Owner

A vegetarian married to a carnivore, Kare’s mission is to achieve peace in the kitchen – one delicious recipe at a time. She lives in Seattle with her meat-eating but open-minded guy, their precocious bacon-loving preschooler, two snuggly dogs, and a couple of crazy cats. More about Kare >

Gina Matsoukas – Contributor

Gina likes dabbling in all the dietary niches (it’s a fun challenge!) although she eats pretty much everything under the sun – except passion fruit, it smells like feet and grosses her out. Gina writes the blog Running to the Kitchen, a healthy, seasonal, and whole-food focused site.

Brandy Lynn O’Neill – Contributor

Brandy loves delicious food, bourbon, traveling, and her cats. She serves her food with a side of sass and sarcasm. Brandy is originally from Ohio but is now living life in upstate New York. Find her recipes, travel tales and more at Nutmeg Nanny,