I am borderline obsessed with coffee – actually, scratch the “borderline.” Just plain “obsessed” is accurate.

So I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed assembling this 2016 holiday gift guide with loads of gift ideas for coffee lovers. We own and love many of these, and I oh-so heartily covet the rest of them.

Let’s get buzzing! Here are 20 Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers.

Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

  1. Hydroflask keeps coffee warm for hours
  2. Natural Life monogram coffee mug says “I am grateful for …” on the inside – so sweet
  3. Caffeine molecule necklace in rose gold
  4. Frank body coffee scrub
  5. Handknit Chemex coffee carafe cozy
  6. Contigo Travel mugs are what we have used for years and they’re the BEST – the spillproof design keeps coffee airtight and hot for hours
  7. Porcelain coffee filter bowl
  8. Breville electric milk frother
  9. “coffee” mug tells it like it is
  10. Pour-over copper kettle
  11. AirScape Coffee Bean Canister keeps coffee beans airtight
  12. “Wake up and smell the coffee” art print perfect for the coffee station
  13. “I Take My Coffee with More Coffee” T-Shirt
  14. Cherry wood “But First, Coffee” engraved coasters
  15. Fiesta Java coffee mug a more robust version of the classic, unparalleled Fiesta mug, perfect for big ol’ cups of joe
  16. “Coffee cup” handblown glass ornament
  17. Porcelain coffee filter stand for organizing that unwieldy pile
  18. Crescendo Dot coffee spoons
  19. Graham & Brown Coffee Shop wallpaper
  20. Chemex handblown cream & sugar set


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