You may have noticed I’m posting a bit less around here. And you’d be noticing right! I’ve pretty much cut back to one new blog post per week – but just for the summer.

Most people are out exploring and aren’t thinking much about cooking this time of year, so, in light of the food blogging “slow season,” I thought this was the perfect opportunity to concentrate on family and fun for the summer and step back a bit from work. As much as possible, that is, because this blog really doesn’t feel like work to me. But it certainly does fill up every nook and cranny of free time I have, and I definitely feel a shift when I force myself to take some time for other stuff. I’ve been gardening, reading books (yes, actual books, such a luxury!), cooking for the pleasure of it (but also enjoying more take-out than I should be), and I just have the time for so many more things – including the brainspace to really obsess over our kitchen and the fact that I want to overhaul it so, so badly. (Sorry hubby!)

Kitchen Treaty kitchen - currently

A couple of years ago, I shared a vision board with all we wanted to do with our kitchen. Ah, the dreams! The kitchen reno, however, has been on the back burner (so to speak). We’ve swapped out the table and chairs since I last shared, otherwise, the only major update we’ve made is the purchase of a new dual-fuel range along with running a gas line to it – our hand was a bit forced because our old range died on us.

Oh, there’s so much we want to do!

Reconfigure the island. There’s barely enough space to walk around it on all sides, let alone actually sit at it.


Come up with different solution for where to feed the dogs, because the current location is just kind of ridiculous.


Replace the leaking garden window with an actual real window-window. (Not pictured: plastic wrap and duct tape. Trust me, it’s there).  A fresh new backsplash. Get rid of that builder’s grade oak cabinet situation. And… just a better way of organizing everything that has ended up on the kitchen counters! Knives, coffee supplies, utensils … it’s gotten ridiculous.


Of course, the dollars add up so, so quickly – and if we wait until we have the money to create the kitchen of our dreams – walls knocked out, top-of-the-line everything, marble mania … it’ll never happen.

So this summer, we’ve decided to set aside $5000 to see how far we can get – and try to do a lot of it ourselves.

Our first project? A pantry overhaul! Our pantry is currently a bank of cabinets that we really want to convert into counter space, so we want to remove that section and instead move our pantry to a small closet in the kitchen (the original pantry). In the real estate picture below, you can see the bank of cabinets (warped to look bigger, because, you know – real estate photos). And to the left of the refrigerator is where the new pantry will be.


We are going to have much less space for storing our groceries, but we are determined to make it work. More about that in a couple of weeks! Meanwhile, stay tuned for more on the great $5000 kitchen renovation! (Imagine that line with a booming voice and a big echo, echo, echo.)

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