Well hello there! It’s already January 31 (I know! How?!) – and I thought that this year, I’d try something new. It’s a monthly recap featuring of all the stuff that’s swirled around in my head, life, and stomach these past 30 or 31 (or 28, hi February) days.

The biggest deal this month is: as of the first of the year, I am now a regular contributor on the uber-awesome vegetarian blog Oh My Veggies! For awhile, I was posting teasers here to the recipes I was sharing over there, but now that I’m posting on Oh My Veggies once a week, I thought it might be a bit much to post over here every time, too. So I’ll be sharing with you here in this monthly recap what I’ve posted over there. Am I making any sense at all?! Next paragraph.

In addition to sharing my Oh My Veggies stuff, I also thought I’d share some of the recipes/pics/links/what-have-you that I’ve been crushing on this month. And I’ll post a summary of all the recipes I posted here on Kitchen Treaty. And anything else I’ve done, or love, or, you know. Just anything else.

Oh! And I thought I’d emerge from the Dark Ages and start actually using my Instagram account. It’s kind of fun! If you’re on IG, come visit me, would you?! I’m a tad lonely over there sometimes. Of course, my life is not very exciting and there is no way I have the time or patience (or talent) to color-coordinate my feed. So low expectations, please.

All righty then! Here goes this month’s bits and bites.

New recipes this month:

I started off with healthy smoothies and ended with a week of criminally cheesy game-day grub. Well – next month is a new month, right?! Except maybe I’ll start back in with the healthier stuff AFTER February 14. I’ve got some a couple of chocolate recipes up my sleeve.

Any guesses as to which recipe was pinned the most (by a mile)? Hint: They’re round and green, and I convinced myself that eating two in rapid succession would be sure to bring me good luck in 2014.

Kitchen Treaty Month in Review - January 2014 - 14 new recipes!

Top row:

Row 2:

Row 3:

Bottom row:

New posts on Oh My Veggies:

Kitchen Treaty Month in Review - January 2014 - Oh My Veggies

Smoothie photo by Rikki Snyder

January’s round-up:

40 Uber-Cheesy Dip Recipes (and they’re all vegetarian, too!)

40 Uber Cheesy Dip Recipes (P.S. They're all meatless, too!) | kitchentreaty.com

And this month, I was especially in love with:

Hasta la vista, January! Happy Feb to all. 🙂

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