We are knee-deep in berries over here! Everything has popped up all at once – and early – this year. Raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Berry-mania. I think I’m just going to make and freeze a bunch of chia seed jam because weirdly, I’m running out of other ideas.


Other than berries, this month, we had tons of gorgeous sunny summer days. We outfitted our deck and outdoor dining area with a bunch of goodies (mostly from World Market – newly re-obsessed).

After going back and forth a bit on the idea, I’ve decided to write a few sponsored posts here and there on Kitchen Treaty – likely no more than one per month. This month, I wrote a post with BlogHer and LG Studio in which I got to dream about our future kitchen renovation. Not a bad gig! Oh, and I also showed off my horribly chipped nail polish when I shared this tip for pitting cherries. Whichever celebrity made ombre hair a cool thing needs to do the same for chipped polish, that’s all I’ve gotta say.

And here are rest of June’s bits and bites:


New recipes this month


Top row:

Middle row:

Bottom row:


50 Summer Smoothie Recipes

50 Summer Smoothie Recipes

New posts on Oh My Veggies


Photo by Lindsey Johnson

I’m a contributor over at Oh My Veggies, and here’s what I cooked up over there this month.

And this month, I was especially in love with:

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