Hello hello! Here we are with another Bits & Bites post. Oh, the excitement. Oh, the anticipation. Oh, the heck with it. I’m just going to ramble on a bit and share a few recipes and hope that you don’t notice how filthy my donut-loving daughter’s sleeve is in that pic you see there. Real life man. Real life.

So! This week, I’ve been a go-go-going. Lots of behind-the-scenes recipe development going on. I’ve been revisiting and refining my editorial process, too. Did you know some food bloggers have editorial processes? It’s true! It’s like publishing a mini magazine over here.

So, if you’re curious, here’s a little peek inside my process. I plan my posts several months in advance, plugging recipe names into an editorial calendar. In the past, I’ve added recipe ideas to the calendar and THEN actually set out to develop the recipe. And sometimes, if a recipe isn’t working out, I get stubborn about it because it’s already on the calendar and test it 30 times and everything falls behind and eventually I scrap it and it’s a lose-lose.

I’ve decided to tweak that process a bit. After trying several tools from post-it-note systems to WordPress plug-ins to everything in between, I now use a tool called Trello to manage my ideas and editorial calendar. Basically, once I have an idea, I plug it into the “ideas” column. As soon as I’m ready to actively develop the recipe, it moves over to the “Recipes in Development” column. When the recipe is complete and ONLY if I’m completely in love with it, it moves over to one of the monthly columns and gets a publish date assigned. (Trello also has a handy calendar view so you can see how your schedule is looking on a calendar).

Food blog editorial process

The colors are labels. Red means it’s a high priority, black means it’s been published. Yellow means the recipe has been developed and is ready to be tested one last time, photographed, made into a blog post, and scheduled to post on the blog. And orange means I’m in the process of actually writing the blog post. I also have colors for posts that I’m wanting to refresh and republish, and also for those that are all scheduled and will go live on a predetermined date.

So why is this all on my mind? Well, in order to free up my limited spare time to make space for the culinary program I’m starting soon, I wanted to schedule out several months worth of blog posts. I’ve been developing recipes like a madwoman and next week, my plan is to hole up and make and photograph ALL of them. Oy!

TMI? I’m sort of weird in that I’m either ridiculously hot-mess-level disorganized or I am obsessively organized. Thankfully when it comes to my blog, I definitely fall into the latter. Well, except when it comes to tracking receipts. *glancing at the giant teetering pile to my left*

Wish me luck on my marathon working session! Meanwhile, here’s some especially inspiring stuff shared by other food bloggers this week. Oh, the gloriousness.

The Kitchen Refresh from Sprouted Kitchen. Not a recipe, but an inspiring kitchen remodel. So stinkin’ beautiful!

It’s already that time of year! Cinnamon Roll King Cake from Joy the Baker.

Matcha Honey Hot Chocolate from How Sweet Eats. Green gorgeousness.

Creamy Toasted Coconut Milk from 101 Cookbooks. WHAT.

Cinnamon Toast Breakfast Quinoa from Cookie & Kate. Yum.

Quinoa Huevos Rancheros Bowls from Skinnytaste. Love these!

Granola Pancakes from Amuse Your Bouche. So hearty!



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