This Week's Bits & Bites

Life has been crazy-busy the last few days, but it’s the kind of crazy-busy that is sort of random, as in, I can’t really put my finger on why every day is even nuttier than the next. Appointments, school, mile-long to-do lists. It hasn’t helped that three out of our four animals have been in to the vet recently. Lizzie was dealing with an ear infection and its aftermath (have you ever heard of an aural hematoma? Basically their ear flap swells up like an overstuffed ravioli and it’s disturbing as heck [thankfully, she’s better now]).  Meanwhile, the calico kittens are somehow already six months old and were spayed. They laid low for about 12 hours and then were pretty much back to their spazzy selves, running us all ragged. (Kidding. We love them.)

The above photo of kitty Fern is compliments of our daughter, who managed to snap this along with about 1,500 others in about, oh, a minute or so. She even figured out iPhone camera filters. I can’t even figure them out.

Family Bits

Cooking classes! Our daughter is super-duper picky so we thought we’d see if we can expand her palate by taking her to some kids’ cooking classes. A local grocery store chain offers some great classes and so far she’s taken a seeds class with her dad and an Indian cooking class with me. She ate the seeds but didn’t go near the Indian food. I, on the other hand, loved it! We’ll keep trying. (Oh, and I also took a grown-up tamales class! They were so much easier than I expected and I can’t wait to try my hand at tamales at home!)

Home Bits

This vacuum sucks. Our Dyson finally went kaput, so we bought another. And to be honest, I’m not quite sure if I like it. We bought a refurbished Dyson Animal and it maneuvers in such an odd way and doesn’t pick up as much as I’d like. It could just be that I’m not used to it, or it could be that it’s just not that great. Either way, it’s really quite challenging to complain about your new vacuum without using the word “sucks.”

Life Bits

The time of my life. I tend not to talk politics here (and in general), but suffice it to say I, like most everyone, am seriously alarmed by what’s been going down. I do have to say, though, that I enjoyed this bit of debate humor quite a lot.

And Bites!

These are the foods I’ve been loving the looks of this week.

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