Do not be fooled – the kitty in the photo above is not quite as sweet as she looks. (The dog? Absolutely). Sure, our cat Blossom has her moments. But she also has her moments. Think unpredictable kitty who’s purring one moment then biting your hand the next. We have finally clued in to the fact that her door-licking habit (in the middle of the night, usually, and SO LOUD) might also be a sign of a nutrition deficiency due to malabsorption (we already know she has kitty IBS). So this week, she had a vitamin shot and we have her on a new vet-prescribed cat food. She’s already much better (and sweeter and less weird), but the real test will be in another week or so – when we see if her body rejects this new food too. Fingers crossed and meanwhile: Snuggles.

I started this week bound and determined to walk more, and this includes a daily morning walk with the dogs. Which, really, we should have been doing all along, but sometimes I feel like we’re STILL getting back to normalcy in some ways even though this life-changing kiddo has been around for five years now.

Happy tails on the neighborhood trails. ??????

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Oh, and on Monday it snowed. Again!

By the end of the week, thanks to the extra walking and a pair of foot-unfriendly boots, I was experiencing a lovely bout of plantar fasciitis. So I’m off my feet exercise-wise for the weekend. My back has been killing me too (I swear I am falling apart – basically, this winter of a whole lot of inactivity? I’m paying for it, big time.) So anyway, I started doing some at-home yoga. I browsed Roku for channels and came across Yogaglo – guys, it’s great! My daughter LOVES doing yoga too so it’s a win-win (though the meditative aspect kind of goes out the window when your 5-year-old joins you).

What else? Well, I threw together a creamy sweet potato, kale, and kidney bean stew for dinner this week that was so tasty, I rushed to record the recipe and I think I need to share it here soon. Yes?

Oh, and even though we’re not Catholic, I gave up bread for lent. And then I remembered pizza night. Every Friday around here. Pizza crust is totally bread, right? Yeah, so I’m researching alternatives. My brilliant friend Angie suggested socca – a chickpea flour patty sort of like a crepe – and so I tried a variation of this socca pizza from Cookie + Kate. Pretty good but the socca reminded me more of polenta than pizza crust. So I think I’ll try polenta next week – why not? – and maybe this sweet potato crust the week after that. Of course I already didn’t put cheese on my pizza, I guess at this point it’s not really pizza anymore anyway, is it?

Bit of a slow week here I guess. But you know what? I love slow weeks. They’re a gift, right?

Anyway, here’s what I drooled and gasped over this week. But not at the same time or anything because that mental picture is not the nicest.

These Cardamom Rose Beignets from Half-Baked Harvest. I kind of have no words for these.

An entirely diet-flexible Coconut Curry from Well Plated. Looks so tasty.

What is it with five-year-olds and wanting to throw parties? Yesterday we had an impromptu “animal celebration” and when my guy got home from work, he was greeted with a little old-school Michael Jackson dance music, dog and cat face decorations, and games such as Pin the Tail on the Kitty. Our favorite game was the one our kiddo came up with completely on her own – spin a top in a bowl and whoever’s spins the longest gets their nails painted by hers truly. My guy is currently in the bathroom attempting to remove his fetching bright-red manicure. Anyway, my point – and I do have one – is that we also whipped up this crazy cake as the grand finale. My mom always used to make crazy cake and it had been forever. Love it and totally fun to make with the kiddo.

Peanut Butter Black & Tan Cookies. Gasp. From Joy the Baker.

Grapefruit Mint Chia Refresher from How Sweet It Is. Love this.

Doesn’t this loaf from Gimme Some Oven look like the most perfect foccacia ever? Figures I’ve given up bread for six weeks.

Eggs Benedict Breakfast Bar from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen. What a cool idea!

Nutty Tofu Lettuce Wraps from Amuse Your Bouche. YUM.

Shall we do a sneak peek for next week’s recipe? Hint: it’s green and green and … oh so green.

Another 20-minutes-or-less dinner – Creamy Avocado-Kale Pasta – coming up next week!

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