If this week had a theme, it would be “the week Kare officially tired of the dark, gray, drizzly, freezing-fricking-cold winter.”

I do know that if that’s the worst of my complaints right now, I’m doing good. Knocking on wood. And also really really really hoping spring gets here soon. Because enough is enough man!

I do really love Seattle. It’s beautiful and it’s home. It’s just that some winters are especially dreary, and this one has been a doozy. Thank goodness for Vitamin D supplements.

Otherwise I’ve been obsessing over redoing a few rooms in the house. The junk room I mean office? I can’t even handle it anymore. We got the master bedroom closet in ship shape thanks to Storables and now I feel the need to paint an accent wall (finally! I’ve been wanting to paint something, anything, Benjamin Moore Black Pepper for forever). I’m also oh-so ready to ditch the shin-busting bed (it’s probably just that we’re klutzes), and go for a nice soft affordable headboard instead. And then there’s the kitchen, but ugh. I won’t go there. The office and the bedroom? Those are doable. The kitchen is just … overwhelming.

Anyway, school-wise, I learned about moist-heating cooking methods and I’m feeling like I’m the champion of steaming. Hey, it’s good to be the champ of something right?

And vegetable pigments! My kiddo had way too much fun with a few florets of steamed purple broccoli and some lemon juice. Did you know flavenoids are what tint purple and red veggies, and they turn bright fuchsia with acid? Hey, natural vegetable pigments are fun. They are! 🙂

No really.

Okay, I’ll move on. Here’s what I’m loving this week!

Emily Jeffords art. I could stare for hours.

I am seeing mentions of “hygge” everywhere. It’s prounounced “hoo-ga” and it’s a pretty awesome concept. Especially during dreary (ugh) winters.

Favorite blog lately: Wholefully. Beautiful recipes, engaging writing, and just oh-so-many ideas. I just love browsing Cassie’s blog.

Two Peas and Their Pod and their incredible new home that has me seeing, I admit it, way too much green. Jealousy, that is. A double-island kitchen, an office that goes for miles, that master bath?! The pantry?! Gorge, gorge, gorge.

A winter citrus salad, shot in the sun, from Love & Olive Oil. So so pretty.

This nacho recipe generator from Serious Eats. So that is pretty awesome.

Homemade wheat thins!

Poke-Inspired Beet Bowl from My New Roots. Love this!

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