The bottom floor of our house is hardwoods, which we love. But the stairs and most of the upstairs? Wall-to-wall carpet, baby. And not only wall-to-wall, but an old, dingy gray, scratchy, and thanks to pets and kid (and sloppy mom), fairly well stained.

So I’ve had a bee in my bonnet lately about getting new carpet (more hardwoods are not really in the budget, and besides, we don’t really want hardwood in the bedrooms). We visited a flooring store last weekend and … hooboy. Down the rabbit hole I went.

Why is nothing home-improvement-related simple? I soon realized that it wouldn’t be as easy as picking out a new carpet for stairs, hallway and bedrooms and having it installed and done. Oh no, first, I would question the whole idea of carpet on the stairs, because once you’ve browsed Pinterest or watched an episode or two of Fixer Upper, you realize that fully carpeted stairs are most definitely not cool. Hardwood? Painted? That’s cool.

And I won’t even go into the fact that our stairs have a half wall instead of a railing. Not cool. But we also really need the wall space that creates for our landing area for shoes, coats, etc. But rails are so much prettier, so now there’s that consideration! (At the very least, we should paint the red oak handrails).

But back to the carpet. Did you know that, apparently, you are much more likely to fall on carpeted stairs? The plus side is at least you’re cushioned on the way down. Myself and my previously only mildly broken ankle are, at least thankful for that. So anyway, most people these days (at least on Pinterest) seem to be transforming their stairs to hardwood or the like and then, for cushion (or looks or both) adding a runner. Looks gorgeous, but a) Talk about a lot of work. Dude. Not sure we care THAT much about the stairs. And b) I don’t know, the runner just seems sort of fussy and not really practical with kid, dogs, and cats. BUT if we do stick with carpet on the stairs, it can totally wear out easily, so in all practicality, you want to get something shorter and sturdier, but not necessarily the same thing you would want in your bedrooms, so then you have to nix the idea of using the same carpet all throughout, so then you start thinking about how the 70’s house you grew up in was a total patchwork of different colored technicolor shag in each bedroom, and how you don’t necessarily want that, and and and.

See? Rabbit hole!

However, Pinterest did help me discover this Tuftex carpet that I think we might want on our stairs. It’s called Only Natural and it’s got this pretty herringbone thing going on and I think I can handle the look as far as 100%-rug-on-stairs goes. A sample is waiting at the carpet store for us to pet and decide if that’s the way we want to go.

In less frivolous news, sigh. Our kitten is sick, like really sick. Not Blossom, the one who seems to always be sick but is actually doing amazing right now, but now it’s Fern, who has, until now, always been rock-steady in the health department.

Poor Fern has seemed just a tad sluggish for awhile so I took her in to the vet just to have her looked at, just in case. Turned out she was severely anemic and needed a blood transfusion immediately. She just went through that two nights ago and is looking a little better, but as far as the ultimate cause goes, it’s unclear.

We’re giving her steroids to stop her immune system from attacking her red blood cells (if that’s what’s going on) and antibiotics to clear up any possible infections (there were some bad bacteria found in her blood so a bacterial infection is a possibility). Anyway, if you have any kitty good thoughts, we’d appreciate them. The kittens have a birthday on March 31 and they have a party to attend!

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been craving this week. Always so much good stuff in blogland!

This strawberry rhubarb dutch baby from The Almond Eater. SO ready for strawberry/rhubarb season!

Basic White Sandwich Bread from The Kitchn. I love the whole process of making bread and can’t wait to try this.

Sprouted Wheat Flatbread from Nourished Kitchen. Love this! Guess I’m thinking a lot about homemade breadstuffs, having given up bread for lent and all. Flatbread doesn’t count, right??

Lentil Tortilla Soup from Vegan Richa. Love the idea of adding plant-based protein to your tortilla soup with lentils. Plus, it’s nice and flexible for mixed diets – dairy-eating vegetarians could always add cheese and meat-eaters a bit of cooked shredded chicken.

This Vegan Carrot Cake looks like something everyone would enjoy. So pretty! From Healthy Happy Life.


Everything Bagel Spiced Crispy Chickpeas from This Mess Is Ours. MUST HAVE.

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