Ahh, it’s officially spring! Though the Seattle weather would, mostly, indicate otherwise. We did get to enjoy, what, three whole non-rainy days in the past two weeks? So that’s something. And two were actually almost warm. And some flowers are blooming! Woo hoo!

North of here in the Skagit Valley are a bunch of flower bulb farms, and this time of year, the flower fields can be pretty epic. Last weekend, we went to a vintage market up there, and afterwards we visited one of the farms. It was too early for tulips, but the daffodil fields were awesome. Bright, happy yellow stretching as far as the eye can see. There were a few hyacinths here and there, too. Oh, happiness!

Back at home my daughter and I have been freaking out over every canary-yellow forsythia bush and cherry blossom tree we see. We’re both easily thrilled by every little sign of spring – and starved for sun.

Let’s see … what else …

I bought a new camera! Eek! A Canon 5D Mark III which is a huge investment but my old Canon Rebel has been lacking for awhile. There will be a bit (or more than a bit) of a learning curve so please be patient with any weird shots that pop up around here until I figure it out!

Oh, our carpet project is being put on pause after an astronomical quote took the wind out of our sails. Why oh why do home improvement projects have to cost so much? Ughhh.

And our cat Fern continues to improve! Building the red blood cells back up can take some time, and she’s still rather anemic, but her levels are climbing, which is great great news.

School-wise, it’s getting more intense. I’m finding I have to choose between spending time on Kitchen Treaty vs. time with school – I just don’t have time for both if I want to spend any time with my family. So things are slower here on the blog, I know, but it is temporary! I am learning so, so much and I can’t wait to come back in the fall with loads of new recipes (not to mention going back and improving some of my old ones).

Here’s what I’m trying to decide though. When things are a little less crazy, will I want to start an additional blog that’s strictly plant-based, or keep sharing plant-based recipes here? I mean, we all evolve in the kitchen, and Kitchen Treaty has certainly evolved – along with me – over the years. I can’t decide whether or not I should just reflect that here in this space by continuing to share plant-based recipes with options for omnivores, or if I should put the “weirder” recipes in their own space. And because I’m always dreaming up new blogs and blog names, I may or may not already have the URL reserved …

Moving on. Oh, I really liked this piece on ProBlogger – “Is Written Content Dead?” In food blogging circles almost all we hear about these days is video, video, video. YOU MUST DO VIDEO. Here’s the thing though. I didn’t get into food blogging to produce video. I got into it because I love to cook and create, I love photography, and most of all, I love to write. I wholeheartedly believe that the written word is here to stay, and especially written recipes. Have you ever tried to make a recipe from a video? What a pain! But I know that video is a hugely effective way to market yourself and your recipes, and loads of food bloggers are making the most incredible videos! It’s just not something I want to do, nor would I be very good at it. Anyway … this article also talks about the whole idea of layering content, which I think absolutely does have merit. Pondering it all.

I’ve also been obsessing over …

These cashew cream eggs and salted date caramel eggs from Deliciously Ella. Homemade (and vegan) Cadbury deliciousness! Oh em gee.

This Spring Minestrone from Simply Recipes. I’ve been obsessed with minestrone lately, which I guess is sort of a weird thing to be obsessed with, but there it is.

The Life-Changing Magic of Cashew Cream over at Wholefully, in which Cassie share a bunch of glorious ways to serve up the stuff, and sends a shout-out Kitchen Treaty’s way, which was a thrill for me coming from one of my food-blog crushes! Also, I finally tried cashew sour cream from Cassie’s recipe and, yep. LIFE-CHANGING.

German Chocolate Banana Bread from Foodiecrush. Enough said. (!!!)

Italian Easter Bread from Brown-Eyed Baker. I think I need to make this sometime this week with my kiddo. She’ll be all OVER the sprinkles.

Okay, and how about this overnight cinnamon roll casserole from Gimme Some Oven? It’s pretty much a mash-up of overnight french toast and cinnamon rolls and it’s brilliant.

Veggie Fajita Sheet Pan Nachos from How Sweet It Is. With all that’s going on in these glorious nachos, vegans could easily skip the cheese and omnivores could add in some chicken if they wanted. I’d probably use metal cake pans and bake them up three different ways because that’s how we roll ’round here.

Roasted Rainbow Root Tangles from Green Kitchen Stories. I love this SO MUCH.

That’s it from the Kitchen Treaty house! Go on and have a fabulous spring weekend – we hope to do the same. 🙂

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