Ahhh, dandelion season. I’ve been receiving loads of “wildflower” bouquets and ear decorations of late so if you run into me with a withered buttercup behind my ear, think nothing of it. I’m cherishing every second, as they say, because I am really feeling the crunch lately. Last summer, a friend whose daughter was set to start Kindergarten said she felt like she’s on a train and it’s just zooming along whether she likes it or not – no stopping, no getting off. I get that feeling now. We’re in the last few weeks of preschool and the last few months of my having a kid at home with me full time. It’s going to be such an identity shift for me to not be MOM every second of the day and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I mean, damn, I kind of just got used to it.

And the tears, you guys. How am I supposed to get through the last “goodbye” song at preschool without devolving into a blubbering puddle? Not to mention the first day of Kindergarten?! I am unfortunately not all that in charge of my emotions sometimes and I’m trying to figure out how to gain control. Stat. Lest I embarrass myself and my kid and everyone else around me.

Our daughter goes through bouts of separation anxiety, but we think she’s going to be okay with heading off to Kindergarten. She’ll be tired, but okay. I think. I hope. Okay, I’ve got a few months before this one so I’m going to move on and focus on something else for now.

Like dandelion bouquets.

Oh, and food, of course! Here’s what I’ve been loving the looks of this week:

Rose Rose Cake from My Name Is Yeh. GORGEOUS.

Fried Tofu with Chimichurri Sauce from Heather Christo. Totally legit dinner.

3-Ingredient Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from Wholefully. Must try (especially with that chocolate drizzle).

These Beet Chips from FoodieCrush. So pretty!

These Carrot Muffins with turmeric from Vegan Richa. Turmeric + muffins = brilliant!

Coming up on Monday, a new (and super simple) fajita recipe that I am basically totally obsessed with. I am also thinking of resurrecting this recipe with a few new photos in time for Cinco de Mayo. I mean, it’s important I do, right? And then they have to be consumed after photographing them, I mean, hello, can’t be wasteful.

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