This Week's Bits & Bites


Well, we made it through Stormageddon 2016. Whew! Friday brought a few gusty hours, but Saturday’s typhoon remnant was literally a remnant – maybe 10 minutes of wind and then nada. Even though I cancelled plans and we put air mattresses downstairs (we have too many big trees around to sleep upstairs in a windstorm) and I spent way too much time fretting overall, I am thankful the forecast was wildly wrong. On to winter … and let’s hope not much more craziness.

Family Bits

Art, art, art! My daughter has been a little whirling art dervish with her new carved-out studio space, and it makes me so happy. Because I cannot obsess over something without wanting to turn it into a blog, I’ve decided to start a new hobby blog dedicated to family creativity. I’m hoping to launch it on my birthday, which is this weekend. It’s kind of a gift to myself. 🙂

Leaf still life with Blossom supervising.

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Our annual pumpkin carving day is this weekend! I made and froze a batch of Pumpkin Curry Soup for the event. Roasted pumpkin seeds will likely be happening too.

Carving-wise, I think I want to try to create Kitty o’ Lanterns inspired by our cute calico kittens. Our daughter wants to carve Cinderella’s carriage.

Meanwhile, Jack o’ Lantern goals.

Home Bits

Thinking clean thoughts. Not much new on the home front this week, except I finally figured out the new vacuum did NOT suck – as in, it was defective. Doh. So far, Overstock customer service has been top-notch. Meanwhile, my industrious guy did a bit of electrical handiwork on our old vacuum and voila! Dinosaur Dyson lives.

Oh wait. WAIT. There actually IS something new. A new HomeGoods opened in our area! Now we have two close by and my life is complete and I love this laundry room sign way more than I ought to.

Life Bits

Boo, witches. I’ve never seen Hocus Pocus. This is pretty much a crime, right? I truly need to remedy that this Halloween season.

Speaking of movies, I think I need this sweatshirt for Friday night pizza and movie nights. Right?!

Blogging Bits

Oh, just a couple minor little changes coming up. It’s almost time to launch the redesigned Kitchen Treaty and I am SO EXCITED. I’m obsessed with making it as user-friendly as possible, and so far, so good. Plus it’s just beautiful. Soon, soon! (And actually, it’s going to look a lot LOT different. But better different!)

And Bites!

These are the foods I’ve been loving the looks of this week.

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