This year’s jack o’ lanterns are cat o’lanterns, inspired by the two crazy kittens who joined our family this year.

Those who have known me for awhile are probably confused by my sudden affinity for cats – I’ve always been a dog person through and through. Cats can be so … just … grumpy. But when they’re good, they’re very very good. Can I just love both equally and call it good?! 🙂

Family Bits

Splash! My mermaid-obsessed daughter is dressing up for Halloween as – you guessed it – a mermaid! So naturally, even though I’ve known for two months, I’m scrambling to tie up all of the loose ends on her costume. I left the hard part to the pros; now I just have to decorate her sparkly leotard (no clam bra for a 4-year-old, thankyoumuch!) and finish up her seashell tiara inspired by this Youtube video. Life as mom.

(Oh, and my guy and I are thinking of trying to be Flounder and Sebastian. Yeah.)

Home Bits

It’s watching you. Our house is decorated head-to-toe for Halloween – and so is our big overgrown tree. It’s always looked kind of like a crazy-haired dude to me so we made big wooden eyeballs for it last year. I kinda love ’em.

The trees have eyes … ?

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Life Bits

Busy, busy busy. I’m so tired of being busy! Even though I usually make a deliberate attempt to keep our lives from being over-scheduled, somehow it’s been so crazy these past couple of months. My word of the year for 2016 was “Simplify.” Uh, I guess I need to get on that!

And Bites!

We road-tripped it over the Cascade Mountains this past weekend to admire the pretty trees and stock up on apples. 26 pounds of them! And now … uh … I need to do something with them. Another thing for my to-do list. Whoops.

We didn’t go apple picking, but we’re still having fun picking apples. ?????

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As much as I want to decrease my to-do list, these recipes are also adding to it in the most delicious way. I mean, hi. Here’s what I’ve been loving the looks of this week.

  • Uni-Candy-Corn Cookies from Bake at 350. The cuteness! I can’t handle the cuteness!
  • Coffee AND booze … because by the time it’s late enough to be drinking booze, I’m really in need of some caffeine. So, perfect! Dirty Chai Cocktails From With Food + Love.
  • Loaded Hummus from What’s Gaby Cooking. Brilliant.
  • These Homemade Herb Biscuits from Nutmeg Nanny. Flaky!
  • This Naked Apple Pie from King Arthur Flour. Not a new recipe, but new to me. It’s a crustless pie that’s sort of a cake and sort of a clafoutis but also not. I’m so intrigued.
  • And then we have this Gingerbread Smoothie from Julie’s Eats and Treats. Yes PLEASE.
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