I wish I had a better photo to show you the beauty we experienced when we drove over the mountains a few days back. But I’m lazy and don’t love lugging my camera with me and I use my iPhone for 90% of my photos. Clearly, I need a new, updated, fancyschmancy iPhone. coughcoughChristmascoughhiHubbycough. 🙂

Family Bits

fern-and-blossomThe power of love. This past week was a roller coaster of emotions for our family. We have two 7-month-old kittens – Fern and Blossom – that I guess I sort of talk about/share about ad nauseum.

Anyway, Blossom got very sick. She presented like she had an intestinal obstruction and started crashing on Saturday. Surgery turned up nothing and she continued to decline. On Sunday, Blossom’s body temperature was 10 degrees below normal and dropping. Her lungs were full of fluid and her body was shutting down. As a last-ditch effort, we brought Fern in to be with her. Within two hours the vet called me, stunned that Blossom’s body temperature was up by two degrees. By Monday morning, her temp was back to normal and her breathing was much better. I took this photo of them then. Fern, who is normally a bit skittish, was just surprisingly chill in that cage with Blossom. She stayed next to her sick sister even with the cage wide open – it’s like she knew what her job was.

Blossom has been home for three days now and, fingers crossed, it’s looking like she will make a full recovery. It looks like it actually was a bowel obstruction that had moved too far for the vet to easily find it. (I am trying very much to not go into TMI territory, as this is a food blog after all.)

Anyway, I am so moved by the bond between those two kitties. Blossom’s sister (and a very dedicated veterinarian) saved her life.

Happy tears.

And Bites!

These are the foods I’ve been obsessed with this week.


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