I’m a long-time vegetarian and an enthusiastic home cook, and I married a carnivore. Together, we have a bacon-loving toddler.

Meat grosses me out. Textured vegetable protein grosses him out. And I won’t even get into how picky our toddler can be.

Here’s a gratuitous self portrait of my guy and me, once we learned that…

Compromise + creativity = Peace, man. Peace.

With a little compromise and a lot of creativity, eating the same meal two ways has become second nature to us – and we’re not just stuck eating the half olive/half pepperoni pizza day in and day out (though the half olive/half pepperoni pizza definitely has its place).

More often than not, our recipes are pretty straightforward. Whip something up, split them in two at some point, add some meat to one portion and maybe something else to the veggie side. Again: Not revolutionary here. But we all know it’s easy to run out of ideas from time to time. And so: Here are some ideas!

I also feature tons of fully-vegetarian dishes that meat-eaters adore, and then there are cocktails, other refreshments, and delectable sweets … all easy shared experiences for mixed-diet homes (hey, drinks and desserts are naturally meatless, after all). Oh, and predictably, I’ve been adding to the kid-friendly category a lot lately as well.

We’re proof! Vegetarians and meat-eaters can live together.

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