What’s your kitchen battle? My name is Kare, and I’m here to tell you: We’ve got a few. He’s a meat-eater; I’m a vegetarian. Our toddler is the pickiest eater around. I’ve got a few pounds to lose – okay, more than a couple. Dinnertime is always a challenge – okay, often total mayhem. Where does the time go?!

Kitchen Treaty, a Seattle-based food blog, started out as a blog for vegetarians and meat-eaters living together, but has evolved into more than that. It’s about making the kitchen your place of joy and even solace – not a battleground – one whole-food, family-friendly, mostly-vegetarian meal at a time.

As far as the vegetarian/carnivore thing goes, here’s a gratuitous self portrait of my guy and me, once we learned that…

Compromise + creativity = Peace, man. Peace.

With a lot of compromise and a little creativity, eating the same meal two ways has become second nature to us – and we’re not just stuck eating the half olive/half pepperoni pizza day in and day out (though the half olive/half pepperoni pizza definitely has its place).

Our one-dish-two-ways and flexible vegetarian recipes are pretty straightforward. Whip something up, split them in two at some point, add some meat to one portion and maybe something else to the veggie side. We don’t claim to be revolutionary, but we do have ideas – and we love to share them! I also feature tons of fully-vegetarian dishes that meat-eaters tend to adore. My guy is often heard saying, “Nah, we shouldn’t add any meat. It doesn’t need it!”

Compromise and creativity can apply to other areas of challenge in the kitchen, too. When things get crazy busy, I turn to my Crock Pot and these easy super-quick recipes. As far as our health goes, I’m moving more and more toward whole foods and plant-based recipes. But there’s always room for a few cocktails, other refreshments, and delectable sweets thrown into the mix – in moderation, of course! Oh, and with our selective toddler in the picture these days, I’ve been focusing on family-friendly/kid-friendly fare a lot more lately, too.

Welcome to Kitchen Treaty, where we strive to make food, not war. We’re so glad you’re here!

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