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A Guide to Caffeine-Free Coffee Alternatives: Chicory, Dandelion, & More

Is your morning cup of coffee starting to give you more misery than joy? Maybe it’s making you feel a bit too jittery or giving you a lovely little case of acid reflux?  I...

One-Bowl Vegan Hummus Chickpea Burgers

No need for a food processor when you make these ridiculously easy veggie burgers! Just mash chickpeas, hummus, and a handful of other ingredients together and saute for a super tasty, super simple vegan veggie burger.

Dinner Recipes That Feed Both Vegetarians and Meat-Eaters

Dinnertime around here is interesting, I’ll admit. Why’s that? Well, I’m a vegetarian, and my husband is a meat-eater.  Oftentimes, one of us will compromise. He’ll get a big hunk of meat and I’ll eat a hearty...

How to Make a London Fog Latte

A warm and cuddly drink made with citrussy Earl Gray tea, vanilla, honey, and steaming milk. Add a bit of lavender if you want, too, for even more cozy-factor! Made dairy-free with oat milk or almond, but feel free to use the milk you like!