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Back-to-Basics Easy Potato Soup

Only 6 simple ingredients and you have this rib-sticking vegetarian potato soup. It’s super creamy (no cream or roux necessary) and comforting – yet SO easy to make!

How to Cook Asparagus 3 Ways (Roasted, Grilled, or Blanched!)

Got asparagus? (Lucky!) Here are three ways to make the magic happen: Roast it in the oven, char it on the grill, or blanch it on the stovetop. Whichever way you choose, it’s easy and tasty as heck.

West African Peanut Stew with Sweet Potato & Spinach

Sweet potatoes, peanut butter, spinach, cumin … the comforting combo results in the heartiest, most flavorful vegan stew around.

Beans and Greens Tacos recipe - Made with kidney beans and rainbow chard, these hearty tacos are pretty much the perfect weeknight meal.

10 Dinner Ideas for March

What’s March for if not potatoes and green things? Okay, so maybe it’s good for a lot more, but I thought I’d pull inspiration from those two places for my dinner ideas this month. ...

Comforting Chickpea Noodle Soup

The perfect combo of simple + comfort + flavor, this Chickpea Noodle Soup is a wholesome cold-and-flu-fighting champ. Though we love it enough to make it when we’re feeling just fine, too!

A Guide to Caffeine-Free Coffee Alternatives: Chicory, Dandelion, & More

Is your morning cup of coffee starting to give you more misery than joy? Maybe it’s making you feel a bit too jittery or giving you a lovely little case of acid reflux?  I...

One-Bowl Vegan Hummus Chickpea Burgers

No need for a food processor when you make these ridiculously easy veggie burgers! Just mash chickpeas, hummus, and a handful of other ingredients together and saute for a super tasty, super simple vegan veggie burger.

Dinner Recipes That Feed Both Vegetarians and Meat-Eaters

Dinnertime around here is interesting, I’ll admit. Why’s that? Well, I’m a vegetarian, and my husband is a meat-eater.  Oftentimes, one of us will compromise. He’ll get a big hunk of meat and I’ll eat a hearty...

How to Make a London Fog Latte

A warm and cuddly drink made with citrussy Earl Gray tea, vanilla, honey, and steaming milk. Add a bit of lavender if you want, too, for even more cozy-factor! Made dairy-free with oat milk or almond, but feel free to use the milk you like!

10 Dinner Ideas for February

From heart-shaped pizzas to the best veg lasagna to comforting soups and even baked egg rolls (two ways!) here are some tasty, easy dinner ideas for the month of February! Heart-Shaped Pizzas Well obviously...

How to Make Cashew Milk Coffee Creamer (My Favorite Vegan Creamer!)

This simple and easy dairy-free coffee creamer is exceptionally rich and luxurious – the closest thing I’ve found to half-and-half so far.

10 Easy Vegan Chili Recipes

When you’re looking to feed vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters with one simple meal, I really think the best and easiest situation is vegan chili. With hearty beans, warm spices, chili-friendly veg, and a whole...