How to Get Those Darn Seeds Out of a Pomegranate

[stextbox id=”custom”]I know, right? A whole pomegranate is intimidating. You know those delicious seeds must be in their somewhere, but how to get ’em all out? Here’s how I do it.[/stextbox]

It’s pomegranate season! And thank goodness for that. Because it’s also cookie, pie, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potato season (and Happy Thanksgiving, by the way!). But when I pop a bunch of these succulent seeds into my mouth, I can feel a little better about all the other crap I’ve been eating.

Packed with vitamins and other good stuff, those little seeds (or arils) taste amazing, too.

But they can be a tad daunting to get to. Here’s my method for getting from this…


To this! (It’s easy!)

Pomegranate seeds

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How to Seed a Pomegranate


  1. Choose a pomegranate that seems very heavy for its size.Heavy pomegranate
  2. Fill a medium to large bowl with water.
  3. Cut off the top – this is the end with the part that sticks up, or the crown. Maybe that’s the bottom, I don’t know, but it’s the only end that looks like that.Pomegranate with top lopped
  4. Make several slices – just through the outer layer – down the sides.Slicing the sides of the pomegranate
  5. Place the pomegranate, cut side down, along with its top (or bottom!), in the bowl. Leave it in there, soaking, for about 10 minutes.And the pomegranate goes for a dip
  6. Place your hands in the bowl of water and, keeping the pomegranate under water, pull it apart.Start pulling the pomegranate apart
  7. Massage the seeds out with your hands (you don’t really need to massage, just kind of prod – I just can’t think of a better word. “Rub” seemed even less appropriate). The seeds will sink to the bottom, and the white stuff (pith) will float to the top!The pith will float
  8. Pick the pith out and discard it as you go.
  9. Okay, now just dump your seeds into a strainer (preferably over the sink, unless you’d like a little kitchen adventure), rinse, and pick out any stray pieces of pith, and you’re good to go!Strain and pick out the rest

Enjoy plain (mmmmmmm).

Or on a salad. Or over vanilla ice cream.

Or sprinkle them over some roasted sweet potatoes, even (it’s good, see, doesn’t it look good?)

Pomegranate seeds over roasted sweet potatoes

Oh, and I heard someone somewhere say that they spit the little seeds inside the arils out, but I think that’s just silliness. I think that’s the exception. I, and I’m pretty sure most people, just chew the whole thing up.



Kare is a vegetarian home cook living among carnivores. She loves creating irresistible and flexible recipes that help multi-vore families like hers keep the peace - deliciously.