It’s happening. My daughter is saying new words every day, and as much as I’m trying not to succumb to the baby talk, well, sometimes it’s a little contagious. So I may have found myself calling her diaper a “by-poh” once or twice. Elmo is eh-ma, the cat is “me-AHHHowww” (said plaintively, just how the cat says it). And bananas? Na-na-nas. Naturally.

So today, I have brought you a vegan na-na-na chocolate smoothie. I know, I know – it’s only cute when she says it. Okay: vegan banana chocolate smoothie.

Vegan banana chocolate smoothie | Kitchen Treaty

It’s made with coconut milk instead of dairy, and the word coconut almost made it into the title. But really, the coconut taste is overshadowed by the banana and the rich chocolate flavors. And how.

Vegan banana chocolate smoothie | Kitchen Treaty

I’m so addicted to smoothies right now. I mean, they taste just like freakin’ milkshakes. And this one is no exception. The beauty of smoothies is that they taste sinful but they’re (usually) good for you. So how can you go wrong? I mean, you can basically have a milkshake free-for-all and it’s all good.

It’s almost like you can have your na-na-na and eat it too.

Vegan banana chocolate smoothie | Kitchen Treaty
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Vegan Banana Chocolate Smoothie

Prep: 5 minutes
Total: 5 minutes
Author: Kare
Yield: 1 drink
Perfect for satisfying a fierce chocolate craving, this smoothie is rich and dessert-like, but full of good stuff. And only three ingredients - four if you count the ice.


  • 1 cup light canned coconut milk (coconut milk from a carton or full-fat from a can works too)
  • 1 medium banana
  • 2 tablespoons [url href=""]chocolate syrup[/url]
  • 1 cup ice


  • Place all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth. Pour into a glass and serve with a straw.

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