I’ve never been anywhere in Europe, and I feel like there’s kind of no excuse for that. Especially based on how much I’ve wanted to go. And it won’t happen for awhile, now that I’ve got Miss Toddlerriffic in the picture and different priorities. And it’s all good, really! But once she’s old enough to remember a glorious trip abroad? Well, all bets are going to be off and we’re going to jet ourselves over there, our little family on a European Vacation. Hopefully not Griswold-style.

Which is to say, I’m totally jealous, because my blogging friend Mallory over at Because I Like Chocolate is over there. In Europe. On vacation. Whatever, Mallory! 😉 I’m kidding. Sort of. About the “whatever” part, I mean. She’s definitely in Europe.

I guess I’ll just drown my sorrows in a creamy and decadent glass of Chocolate Iced Coffee. Because why not?

Chocolate Iced Coffee

While Mallory is away, I’m posting over on Because I Like Chocolate today with a brand spankin’ new iced coffee recipe. A rich and chocolaty one. Because I’m obsessed with iced coffee, and because if I was going to do a guest post on Mallory’s blog, it had to be chocolate.

We’ve got cold brew. We’ve got chocolate syrup. We’ve got it good.

Go check out the post and recipe on Because I Like Chocolate!

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