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I used to have a serious thing against “frou frou” martinis. To me the only kind of martini was one with the tiniest splash of vermouth, a good gin, a fair amount of olive juice, and three olives. Perfection.

I think my hate started with that chocolate martini I ordered at a bar, probably a good 10 years ago. I went for it with gusto (it’s chocolate! It’s got to be delicious!) and practically came away sputtering. It tasted like gasoline.

The turning point for me and frou frou martinis came a couple of years ago when I tried the sea salt caramel chocolate martini at the Dilletante Martini Bar in Capitol Hill here in Seattle. Pretty sure that I took a sip and the heavens parted and an angel sang, “Frou frou martinis! Laaaaaa!”

Pomegranate-orange martini | Kitchen Treaty

Since then I’ve dreamed up a few martinis that, without a doubt, fall on the sweeter side of the spectrum. Here’s another: the pomegranate-orange martini.

Pomegranate-orange martini | Kitchen Treaty

I love, love, love this martini, especially for Christmas and New Year’s. It is incredibly tasty, for one – just the right balance of fruity and cheeky. It’s another one that’s a little dangerously delicious, actually. And that gorgeous red color and the sparkly rim? Perfect, perfect, perfect for this time of year.

Not only am I kind of in love with the pomegranate-orange martini, it apparently makes me want to say words in threes, threes, threes. It also enthusiastically solidifies my new-found love for the frou-frou side.

Making pomegranate-orange martinis for a party? Triple, quadruple, or, you know, twenty-tuple the liquid ingredients and keep them in a pitcher. All you (or your guests) will have to do is shake with ice and pour. Couldn’t be easier.


Pomegranate-Orange Martinis
Prep time
Total time
This fruity, sassy vodka martini pairs tart pomegranate and juicy orange for a rosy cocktail that’s perfect for holiday parties.
Recipe type: Beverage
Yield: 2 martinis
  • 6 ounces pomegranate juice
  • 2 ounces vodka
  • 1 ounce Cointreau
  • 1 ounce orange juice
  • ¼ cup granulated sugar (optional – for decorated rims)
  1. If decorating the rims of the glasses with sugar, pour the sugar into a thin layer on a small saucer. Moisten the rims of two martini glasses (I rub an orange or lemon wedge around the rims) and carefully dip the martini glasses rims down the sugar until the rims are coated with sugar. Set martini glasses right-side up and allow sugar to set (should take just a couple of minutes).
  2. Add pomegranate juice, vodka, Cointreau, and orange juice to an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously for about 15 seconds. Strain mixture into martini glasses and serve immediately.
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