Cinco de Mayo, or “the fifth of May” in Spanish, is a day for all Americans to celebrate Mexican heritage and pride, so says Wikipedia. When it comes to Mexican food and drink (or, at least, the Americanized versions of such), any excuse is a good excuse for such a celebration. Especially for vegans and vegetarians. Tostadas, peppers, quesadillas, corn, burritos, enchiladas … so many options that can be made so unbelievably delicious without meat, you don’t even give it a second thought.

35 vegetarian recipes for Cinco de Mayo (+ 10 bonus margarita recipes) | Kitchen Treaty

I also love this type of cuisine because it lends itself so well to our mixed diet home, as most all of these dishes can be made individually – some with meat, some without, if you want to do the one dish two ways thing. Totally versatile, always delicious … win.

Today I thought I’d bring you a collection of links around the Web, from fabulous bloggers and websites that have developed and featured amazing vegetarian (and sometimes vegan) Mexican recipes. They all look scrumptious, and they’re perfect for a meatless Cinco de Mayo. Bonus: You’ll find 10 refreshingly fruity margaritas at the end of the list, too.

Scrumptious snacks, apps, dips (and a breakfast shake to start the day off right)

Swoon-worthy sides and salads

Mmmain dishes

And 10 bonus margarita recipes!

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