Every Friday I feature a small round-up of five delicious recipes from here and around the web. This week’s topic: 5 Easy Breakfast Recipes to Make Ahead and Freeze.

Mornings are the worst time to try to get a satisfying breakfast into that sleepy belly of yours. But you’re hungry! And you want to eat right, and you want your family to eat right too! But you have exactly two minutes to make that happen. Guess what? You’re in luck! If you’ve got a little extra time on the weekends and a freezer in your life, you can assemble tasty breakfasts ahead of time and stick them in the freezer. A little thaw and those harried mornings are made. Good morning, belly!

Now if only someone would invent a coffee robot that would deliver fat mugs of strong coffee right to our nightstands. We keep hoping.

5 Easy Breakfast Recipes to Make Ahead and Freeze


Grab & Go Bagel Breakfast Sandwiches

These are terrific for making in huge batches and having ready in the freezer. Bonus: they can totally be customized for vegetarians and carnivores. Bacon for him and none for me, thanks. Next time I’m going to add some chopped spinach.



Make-Ahead Breakfast Quesadillas from Oh My Veggies

With black beans and scrambled eggs, these delicious numbers boast a serious boost of protein. My kind of breakfast!

5 Easy Make-Ahead-and-Freeze Breakfast Recipes


Freezer Breakfast Burritos from Handle the Heat

What’s more awesome than a breakfast burrito? One that’s already made and waiting for you in the freezer! Love that these can be customized to individual tastes.



Cheddar Corn Quinoa Mini Frittatas

Three cheers for healthy protein! Super-healthy quinoa makes these portable little frittatas ultra satisfying. Another option: Mini Margherita Quinoa Frittatas.



Vegan Aussie Bites from Oh My Veggies

A lot of trial-and-error went into this hearty muffin/granola hybrid recipe that I created for Oh My Veggies, so our freezer was full of Aussie bites. Until I went to grab one and what had been a stuffed-to-the-brim gallon-size bag was now just one lone, single little bite. Turns out my husband had been dipping into the freezer every morning before work. These freezer-friendly bites are satisfying, delicious, and – maybe best of all – perfectly portable.



And a couple more breakfast ideas for the freezer …

Hearty pancakes and tasty muffins both freeze extraordinarily well. We just pop pancakes into the toaster; muffins just need a bit of time at room temp or a quick zap in the microwave.

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