I know, I know, I totally know. Hamburgers?! And veggie burgers? And the patties are bought directly from the meat counter or picked up in the frozen section at the grocery store? Wow, advanced stuff, Food Blogger Lady. (Like, is this chick for real?)

But you know what? My primary goal with this blog is to amass a gazillion (that’s an exact number) recipes and ideas especially for vegetarians and meat-eaters living together. A blog I would have loved to have discovered a few years back, myself. A blog with real-life ideas for real people who often only have just 10 minutes to throw together a decently-balanced dinner.

Quick and easy dinner for vegetarians and meat-eaters living together: hamburgers/veggie burgers

Like this super-quick, super-easy, super-flexible, just plain super dinner: hamburgers for the carnivores, and veggie burgers for the meatlessly-inclined! I know, I know – “meatlessly” isn’t a word. I’m just on a roll today.

Oh hey! And so are these hamburgers/veggie burgers! (On a roll?! Yes? No? Sorry. So sorry.)

Hamburgers and Veggie Burgers

We have hamburgers/veggie burgers in our house at least once every couple of weeks, especially during the summer when my guy is all about the BBQ. He just fires it up, properly segregates the meat and the veggie patty because he’s awesome, I toast the buns and prep some condiments like sliced tomatoes and onions, lettuce or arugula, sweet pickles, avocado, and of course mustard and ketchup, add some chips or baked fries on the side … and dinner is on the table in a solid 10 minutes.

Definitely a super, easy dinner for busy mixed-diet households. Nothing wrong with ideas like that in your dinner arsenal, right?!

A note about veggie patties: my favorite veggie burgers don’t even try to replicate meat. With so many other options that taste amazing on a bun, why should they? My two current favorites are Trader Joes’ vegetable masala burger (pictured above) and Morningstar Farms’ chipotle black bean burger. Yum.

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