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Roasted Butternut Squash Black Bean Soup

Fall soup gone hearty! Or is it hearty black bean soup gone autumn? Either way, this mash-up of two favorite is a warming, satiating affair.

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Red Lentil Chili

This thick, hearty vegetarian pumpkin chili is just different enough to be special, but still tastes mainstream enough to appeal to most everyone. It’s the perfect fall chili!

20-Minute Peanut Sweet Potato Noodles with Spinach

Spiralized sweet potatoes tossed with spinach, drenched in peanut sauce, and topped with crunchy peanuts. Increase the protein factor by topping with baked tofu or – if any carnivores are at your table – some grilled chicken.

How to Make Hard-Boiled Eggs in the Instant Pot

Perfect hard-boiled eggs in just 5 minutes cooking time! Easy cook, easy peel, easy peasy all around. These days, this is is the only way I make my hard-boiled eggs.

Date-Sweetened Homemade Applesauce

This homemade applesauce boasts an unusual ingredient in place of traditional sugar – pureed dates! Dates give it a warm, almost caramelly sweetness that I’m completely in love with. You can use any apple, but I recommend honeycrisps. They make a delicious applesauce.

3-Ingredient Healthy Caramel Apple Dip

Made with sticky-sweet Medjool dates, creamy almond butter, and pure vanilla extract, this healthier take on caramel apple dip makes the whole apple-a-day thing even more of a treat.

This Week’s Bits & Bites

In the words of Staind, it’s been awhile! I’ve kept up on posting new recipes every week, but otherwise, I’ve been taking a bit of a break. Most of it intentional – I’d fully planned...

Spiced Pumpkin Gingerbread with Maple-Vanilla Icing

This rich, splurge-worthy gingerbread is pimped out for fall, with pumpkin puree, fall spices, and a decadent layer of thick maple-vanilla icing smothered over the top. If you really want to go for it, be sure to add the coarse Demerara sugar and candied ginger as a final touch.

Big-Batch Make-Ahead-and-Freeze Hummus

Meal-prep hummus? Why not?! This recipe makes a huge batch of classic hummus that you can keep in the freezer until you’re ready to enjoy. So easy!

Easy Refried Bean and Cheese Burritos with Optional Chicken (perfect for freezing!) |

Easy Refried Bean & Cheese Burritos (Vegetarian, Vegan, or Chicken Option)

Easy, breezy, freezy. Roll up a few burritos, bake ’em up, and eat them now or freeze individually for super-easy lunches and dinners down the road. This flexible recipe can be made vegetarian, carnivorous, or vegan to satisfy every eater.

PB&J Mini Muffin Sandwiches

Perfect for lunch boxes or grab-and-go breakfasts, these mini muffins are sure to delight (almost) every kid.

Bloody Mary Gazpacho Shooters

The refreshing chilled tomato soup meets a classic cocktail, the Bloody Mary. No booze needed to get the vibe going here! Love passing this perfect summer party appetizer.