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This Week’s Bits & Bites

Well hello there! How’ve you been? We’re just idling away on summer time still – alternating between getting stuff done and getting absolutely nothing done. We spent last weekend camping on Marrowstone Island in...

This Week’s Bits & Bites

Summer … well … isn’t the best time for me blog-wise. Once July rolls around, my motivation is … how shall we say … lagging. Lacking. Lazy. If I put a positive spin on it, I’m...

Hummus Gazpacho

Creamy Chickpea Gazpacho

Chickpeas and tahini lend an addicting creaminess to classic gazpacho. Cool, refreshing, and hearty – the perfect summer dinner!

American Flag Sheet Cake

Moist chocolate sheet cake smothered in vanilla buttercream and decorated with berries. This festive flag cake is as cute as it is delicious. The cake itself is already vegan; the buttercream can easily be made vegan too!