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This Week’s Bits & Bites

What’s new, friends?! We’ve been in bit of a deep freeze, here. Well – it’s a deep freeze for Seattle, where even in the winter it rarely dips below freezing. It’s been frosty all week …...

Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

I am borderline obsessed with coffee – actually, scratch the “borderline.” Just plain “obsessed” is accurate. So I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed assembling this 2016 holiday gift guide with loads of gift...


Peppermint Mocha Vegan Coffee Creamer

Perk up your coffee with this festive non-dairy creamer. Simply made with coconut milk, cocoa powder, pure maple syrup, and extracts, it’s super easy to make. And especially delicious with a candy cane plopped into the mix. Stir sticks are important!


This Week’s Bits & Bites

^^This is what happens when you let your 4-year-old help style your lasagna photos. 😀 Hello and happy Friday! Here it’s sort of agghhh … I’m still coming down from the craziness of Thanksgiving,...