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This Week’s Bits & Bites

Ahhh, dandelion season. I’ve been receiving loads of “wildflower” bouquets and ear decorations of late so if you run into me with a withered buttercup behind my ear, think nothing of it. I’m cherishing...

How to Make Japanese-Style Iced Coffee

Want high-quality iced coffee in minutes? This method makes it happen by brewing coffee right over the ice. I make mine even simpler by placing a pour-over cone right over a big mason jar. Just add cream, plop in a straw, and morning’s made!

Vegan Creamy Lemon Pasta with Peas (& Optional Ham)

Luxuriously creamy pasta with a lemony twist and a simple list of ingredients. Love how quickly this velvety pasta comes together! Just add a bit of ham for the carnivores.

This Week’s Bits & Bites

Happy Easter weekend! Here at the Kitchen Treaty house we’re just coming off of a nice and relaxing spring break. So relaxing, in fact, that we got about 10% of the projects done that...